Seafood Pack and Tavel

Seafood Pack and TravelIf your looking for fresh seafood pack and travel, then stop on by and let us pack up a taste of the Gulf for you.

Ice Chests & Ice: Bring your own ice chest or buy one from us, and we’ll provide the ice to get it ready for your travels.

When you visit the Gulf Coast, getting a taste of it is never enough, so why not bring it home with you. At Gulf Shores Seafood, we make that possible. Whether it’s an entrée or large quantity of Seafood for transport, if you have the room in your vehicle, we will help you ice it down for the road. It’s our pleasure to make sure your a happy customer and we aim to please.

If it’s on our menu, or we have it fresh, anything you see in-house for sale is available to ship. Plus, we also provide a wide range of groceries available to go along with your seafood purchase once you cook it up. Think of us as your one-stop-shop for seafood pack and travel.

Seafood Pack and Travel Supplies

• Grocery Items, Prepared Foods and Sundries
• Seafood Dips – Crab, Shrimp, Smoked Tuna, Beer Cheese
• Fairhope Cajun Connection Entrees
• Fresh & Frozen Produce
• Seafood Seasoning & Preparation Goods
• French Bread, Crackers & Desserts
• Coolers & Cooking Utensils